Current Projects

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The Child Health & Behavior Study Phases I and II (Dec. 2003-present)

The Child Health and Behavior Study, directed by Dr. Deborah Drabick, is an NIMH-funded prospective project that examines how factors specific to the child (e.g., temperament, cognitive abilities) interact with aspects of the child’s many contexts (e.g., family, peers, neighborhood) to influence emotional and social adjustment among low income, urban families living in Philadelphia. The project focuses on the roles of prefrontal, limbic, and peer-child interactional processes as predictors of conduct problems and depressive symptoms.

Coping Power Program (May 2010-present) 

This project evaluates potential treatment moderators of the child Coping Power intervention among youth with conduct problems. Moderators are drawn from risk and resilience factors identified as part of the Child Health and Behavior Study.

Team Up Philly Program Evaluation (September 2016-present) 

This CLA-funded project examines individual and contextual factors that might predict improvements in emotion regulation, peer processes, school engagement, and psychological symptoms among girls in third to eighth grade who participate in the Team Up Philly after-school program.