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Current Research

Current Toddler Study

  • We will soon start recruiting 18-30-month-old children for an exciting new study on emerging social interactions. This study will involve one visit to our lab at Temple’s main campus in North Philadelphia. Children will wear an EEG cap and play with different toys, sometimes with their caregiver and sometimes playing alone.
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Previous Infant Study

  • We are interested in how babies learn how to grasp over time. The way this study works is that caregivers send us videos every two weeks of their baby grasping at a pencil starting at 6 months old. At 14-months, there is an in-person lab visit where infants will do some activities wearing an EEG cap (similar to a baby swim cap) and also some grasping tasks. Families have the opportunity to get paid up to $170 for participation in this study. 
  • Recruitment for this study has ended. 

What do we do with all these caregiver-recorded videos?

We use kinematic (movement tracking) analysis to understand how the hand and fingers move and how that changes over time.

What does this look like?

Previous Undergraduate Study

  • Our undergraduate study focused on motor experience and the neural representations of the fingers. Participants completed a typing test, a measure of finger independence, and a few questions about video game and musical instrument experience. They then watch a documentary while wearing an EEG cap and finger stimulators on their right hand. By analyzing the brain’s responses to different fingers, we can investigate the neural representations of the fingers.
  • This study has ended.