Current Studies

Infant Studies

In one of our current research studies we are examining how the infant brain responds to touch. In this study, infants sit on their caregivers lap and see interesting visual displays while they receive gentle touches on their hands and feet. The results of this study will help us understand how the infant brain processes tactile stimulation, and how the development of the sense of touch may contribute to early social development.

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Child Studies

The goal of another research study is to understand how different children learn through their sense of touch. In this study, we invite children ages 6-8 into the lab to play games on an Ipad and computer, as well as respond to gentle taps on their fingers and hands. Parents will be in the same room completing surveys about their family while their child is participating. The results of this study will help us understand how children focus on one piece of information in a busy environment, and how detecting touch relates to other skills.

Undergraduate Studies

As well as our research studies with babies we often conduct EEG studies with adults to examine other questions related to the neuroscience of social understanding.  These studies are generally open to Temple undergraduates who are receiving course credit in return for study participation.