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Recent Research

Hi all! Here is where you can learn more about our research!

TrHandy Kinematic Coding

What does a coded video look like?

Here’s another example:

What does the whole process look like?

Infant Behavior Questionnaire-Revised Short-Form (Rothbart & Gartstein, 2000)

Routine-Based Question Examples:

How often did your baby:

(2) seem angry when you left her/him in the crib? (3) seem contented when left in the crib? (4) cry or fuss before going to sleep for naps? (9) laugh aloud in play?(19) enjoy listening to a musical toy in a crib?

During feeding, how often did the baby:

(33)lie or sit quietly? (34)squirm or kick?

When going to sleep at night, how often did your baby:

(36) fall asleep within 10 minutes? (37) have a hard time settling down to sleep?

Not Routine-Based Question Examples:

How often did your baby:

(1) make talking sounds when s/he was ready for more food? (5) look at pictures in books and/or magazines for
5 minutes or longer at a time? (6) stare at a mobile, crib bumper or picture for 5 minutes or longer? (7) play with one toy or object for 5-10 minutes? (8) play with one toy or object for 10 minutes or longer (10) repeat the same movement with an object for 2
minutes or longer (e.g., putting a block in a cup, kicking
or hitting a mobile)? (11) smile or laugh after accomplishing something (e.g., stacking blocks, etc.)? (12) smile or laugh when given a toy? (14) enjoy hearing the sound of words, as in nursery rhymes? (32) appear sad for no apparent reason?