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Festival 2020

CSArts interdisciplinary working group presents

World Water Week  March 23- 27
Temple University  Charles Library

World-Wide-Walks / between earth & water / CAPES
Peter d’Agostino
( Installation preview: Video / VR work-in-progress )
Joseph M. Williams, Jr
( Immersive sound design )

Tyler Atrium
Roman Water Resources
Lianna Miuccio
( Digital Photography class projects, Temple Rome )

Images 2016

PROGRAM I – Video Installations

peterWorld-Wide-Walks / between earth & water / ICE   Peter d’Agostino

kuetesSpilled Light   Michael Kuetemeyer

sotoBranch Dance Series / One Year Wissahickon Park Project: Summer   Merián Soto

Images 2018

PROGRAM I – Video Installations

World-Wide- Walks / between earth & water / DESERTS   Peter d’Agostino

Everyday Brilliance: Flow and Reflection in Wissahickon Creek Merián Soto

 PROGRAM II – Screening Q & A

CSArts group presentation

 Peter d’Agostino, Professor
Film & Media Arts Department (FMA)
Center for the Performing and Cinematic Arts (CPCA)
Artistic / Academic Committee
Balance-Unbalance Conference *

Michael Kuetemeyer, Assistant Professor
Visiting Artist, Village of Arts and Humanities
SPACES Artist-in-Residence program

Merián Soto, Professor
Dance Department
Boyer College of Music and Dance, CPCA
2015 Pew Fellow in the Arts

Joseph M. Williams, Manager
Systems and Operations,
Academic Computer Services, TECH Center

* Balance-Unbalance is an international conference
exploring intersections of Art, Nature, Science, Technology
and Society as we move into an era of both unprecedented
ecological threats and transdisciplinary possibilities.
University of Caldas, Manizales, Colombia, May 2016