CSArts Affiliate Members

Danielle Hope Abrom, CSArts Research Affiliate (BFA, FMA) is an award-winning creator of both 3D spaces and musical compositions. She has worked in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Barcelona as an animator and in post-production. Her work incorporates music and dance, involving the audience through physical and sensory engagement.

Jocelyn Behm and Matthew Helmus are assistant professors who run iEcoLab at the Centerfor Biodiversity in the Biology Department, Temple University. The mission of the lab is to integrate biodiversity science with human ecology to understand contemporary patterns of biodiversity and its functioning within ecosystems.

Homer Jackson, CSArts Research Affiliate (MFA, Tyler) is an interdisciplinary artist and curator from Philadelphia. He uses images, sounds, text, live performance, music, video, audience participation and found objects to tell stories. Jackson has guided the Philadelphia Jazz Project presenting dozens of performances, dialogues, screenings and other events since 2012.

Deirdre Maitre, CSArts Research Affiliate (MFA, FMA) assistant professor of Film & Media Arts ( 2015-2020 ) has produced nearly 20 film and video projects for both festivals and public television. Intimately aware of the nuances and challenges of international co-production and cultural sensitivity, her independent film work focuses on international collaborative efforts in the West Indies, West Africa and Central America.

International Advisors

BRAZIL  Tania Fraga, PhD, Vice President, Institute of Mathematics and Art of
SãoPaulo Professor (retired), University of Brasilia; Fulbright Fellow

CHINA    Victor Chen, Founder and President of Labj, Inc
Education: Beijing Poly Technical University, China; ­The Media Lab, MIT

ITALY   Caterina Borelli, Independent Filmmaker, Editorial Consultant, LA7-TV, Rome.
2015 Fellow, Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio Center, Italy

SPAIN   Lorena Rodríguez Mattalia, PhD, Professor at Polytechnic University of Valencia,
Laboratorio Luz and Curator, Inner Nature Exhibitions