Several opportunities are currently available in the Sewall Lab at Temple University.  These include:

  • Opportunities for Prospective Graduate Students interested in the Sewall Lab at Temple University
  • Opportunities for Undergraduate Students interested in the Sewall Lab at Temple University
  • Opportunities for prospective Postdoctoral Researchers interested in the Sewall Lab at Temple University

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Graduate Students in the Sewall Lab at Temple University
Opportunities are available in the lab for motivated prospective students whose interests align with one of the principal research areas of the lab.  Our department is expanding, and with the addition of several dynamic new faculty, we are building our programs in the areas of ecology and evolution.  We offer both MS and Ph.D. degrees in the department.  Funding is often available through TAships and sometimes RAships, though mostly for Ph.D. students.  Graduate students working in the lab will also be expected to apply for external research and fellowship funding.  Graduate students interested in working with Dr. Sewall should contact him in advance of applying to graduate school at Temple.  Please send along a description of research interests, past research and experience, and – for students interested in working internationally – a summary of past travel or work experience and language skills relevant to the area in which you would like to work.  Dr. Sewall prefers applicants with substantial previous research experience.  For those wishing to do international field research, substantial international experience and language skills appropriate to the desired research area are required.  Also please keep in mind that our department’s application deadline for fall-entry students is December 15th (or earlier, preferably by November 15th, for international students).  Be sure to note Dr. Sewall’s name on your application and on your research statement when you apply.

Undergraduate Students in the Sewall Lab at Temple University
Opportunities are sometimes available for Temple undergraduate students to participate in research activities in the lab, especially for students who have completed and done well in related classes (Intro Bio Series, Principles of Ecology, Animal behavior, Conservation biology, GIS, Statistics, or advanced Mathematics classes); who are highly motivated to do research; who can dedicate more than one semester of part-time work in the lab; and whose interests align with those of the lab.  Any student can apply, though Dr. Sewall prefers to work with new students as part of formal programs such as the College of Science and Technology’s Research Scholars Program, the Temple Diamond Research Scholars Program, the Creative Arts, Research, and Scholarship Program, the Science Scholars Program, the Distinction program in the Department of Biology, or as an Honors Thesis Project.  Interested students can contact Dr. Sewall.

Other Postdoctoral Positions in the Sewall Lab at Temple University

Postdoctoral fellow positions are sometimes available as funding permits.  Please inquire about current opportunities.  Dr. Sewall is also open to collaborating with potential postdocs and other collaborators to raise funds for projects of mutual interest.  Please contact him if interested.