In our research, we seek to understand critical and emerging threats to biodiversity, and to develop effective strategies for conservation.

In particular, we focus on three principal challenges in conservation biology:  (1) understanding key drivers of stability in ecological communities, (2) evaluating impacts of important threats to biodiversity, and (3) developing practical conservation strategies for threatened species and ecosystems.

Lemur eating fruitWe address several critical and emerging threats to biodiversity, especially habitat change and emerging infectious diseases of wildlife.  Most of our work focuses on cave and forest communities in sub-Saharan Africa (Madagascar, the Comoros Islands, and Benin) and eastern North America, and on the human communities that influence them.  We use a diversity of techniques in our work, especially intensive field ecology research, social science surveys, and advanced statistical analysis.  We also invest in improving science education, training early career scientists, developing the capacities of conservation professionals, and raising public awareness of science.