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Basement Fitness Posts

Class 5/4/2020

This class was higher in the intensity scale with us finding that level “10” for effort quite a few times.  The overlapping pushes into the red carry a longer time period so this is the one to test your endurance.


It turns out that I have been hiding something from myself, a hint of denial.  When I first started leading these virtual workout sessions I started by re-purposing sessions I already taught live over at the University.  Changing a song here or there and rolling forward with the class.  I had over 90 sets & playlists to go through so I figured why reinvent anything.  This was in complete opposition to my philosophy when I taught live.  Every class I would sit down and design a new playlist and workout set and make it fresh for everyone, including myself.  Why then have I done 5 classes already and not built one from scratch?   That is a question I forced myself to face.  I think inside I didn’t want to take full ownership of the situation.  I was keeping this a temporary situation by not putting all of myself into its design.   Something to get me by until normalcy returned. I’ve decided that it was a cop out.  So this class from start to finish was completely new.  A playlist I created solely for the virtual session.   It’s a personal choice, but I feel as though if I keep looking to tie things to the past I won’t be able to fully focus on what’s ahead.  Instead of comparing how diminished now feels to then, I look to the future and it’s promise.  See you next class.

Working out the kinks

We worked out a lot of bugs since list session. My producer Grace offered a lot of ideas (she’s an avid Youtube watcher so she had some nice insights). It’s fun to evolve a project as we move forward. Here is the video from 4/23.

The show must go on

This one was a challenge. For some reason (I won’t get into the techno-babble) my video kept freezing up. When I teach spin in the physical class one of my personal challenges is getting off the bike and teaching while moving around the classroom. I’ve always found it hard to generate the spirit I want in class if I’m not doing the same thing as the class.

This became a similar situation as I found myself with locked up video but the music and my microphone was working just fine. Do I just stop everything to fix what was broken? Maybe end the class prematurely? I’m consistently saying how important it is to “keep moving forward” when it comes to Covid so how hypocritical would it be for me to not do the same in the setting of another challenge.

Luckily I was able to keep teaching “off the bike” and work the technical issues out eventually and keep the class rolling. As an aside this all made it into the recording so take that in the spirit as it is offered. I am not afraid to share my mistakes as it was a learning experience. Ride on everyone!

Vinyasa Yogurt    
Paradise –  Benny Benassi 0:03:53 Instructions and Warm up
Alien – Sabrina Carpenter 0:02:55 1 to 3 adds on sit
This Is How We Do It (feat. Audien) – Party Pupils 0:02:59 Wind Sprints
Flames – David Guetta 0:03:15 Big Hill 
Hello – I Just Came to Say Hello – Lady Aqua 0:03:13 Come down and Jump
Power – Hardwell 0:02:29 Back up quickly 2x
Personal – HRVY 0:03:18 Jump and Dance
FRIENDS – Borgeous Remix – Marshmello 0:03:22 Sprints at 1 Recover 2
Home with You – Madison Beer 0:03:11 Climb 2.5-3
Out My Mind – Tritonal 0:03:15 Heavy but going light
Level Up – Ciara 0:03:24 Race
You Might Be (feat. Lils) – GoldFish Remix – Autograf 0:03:02 30-20-10 Weight on Speed same
Alive – Cahill Club Mix – Sia 0:04:18 Tabata Sprint Short Long Variation
Carry You Home (feat. StarGate & Aloe Blacc) – Tiësto’s Big Room Mix – Tiësto 0:03:47 Blast it out heavy burst at 3
1950 – King Princess 0:03:45 Stretch

Club Pulsations (Spin Session 4/17/2020)

As the Goldbergs would say…The year was 1980 something and synthetic instruments made the present feel like the future, and no place in the greater Philadelphia area represented this better than Club Pulsations in Delco. If you would ask any of us what those fashions, hair styles, and computerized sounds were I’m sure we all thought we were living in the year 2000 already. Sure maybe our prognostication of what the next millennium would be like was way way off, but many songs from that era are still guilty pleasures of us today. Not that we’d admit it.

Today we use our bikes as time machines to go decades back into the past. Travelers beware…you must pedal hard to get back to the present lest you remain stuck in the past in a sea of smoke machines and laser lights, a prisoner of Pulsar the Robot.

Something to reflect upon when feeling as though this quarantine will never end.  Almost all of the songs in this playlist are from 35+ years ago.  I’m sure it doesn’t seem that long ago.   How many times have you griped that time passes too quickly?  All this nonsense we are going through now will pass by in the same way.  We will blink and be a memory before you know it.   Stay strong!
Pulsar’s Revenge
Double Dutch Bus – Frankie Smith 0:05:20Warm Up
Look Out Weekend – Debbie Deb 0:04:03Warm Up
Give Me Tonight – Shannon 0:03:53Build into Rythem Flat road
Together Forever – Lisette Melendez0:03:39Jog at 2 with Sprints at 3
I.O.U. (7″ Version) – Freeez 0:03:48Fast climb seated sprints (weighted)
Point of No Return – Exposé 0:03:28Flat road mild rolling hills
When I Hear Music – Debbie Deb0:04:38Full Climb
Set U Free – Planet Soul 0:04:19PME to Failure
Joy and Pain – Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock0:03:46Jumps
Fascinated – Company B 0:05:26Ladder Sprints
Promise Me – Lil Suzy 0:02:17Fail Sprint
Let The Music Play – Shannon 0:03:36Recovery and Jumps
In A Dream – Rockell 0:04:02Running Hill
Move It Like This – K70:05:07Push
Spring Love – Stevie B0:05:04Cool

Riding Angry

We’ve all been there. You are stressed, you are angry, and you need an outlet for it. Everyone knows better than to bottle up anger. Like a boiling kettle it’s an explosive force that when trapped just increases the pressure. That would be bad! Releasing negative emotion during a fitness session is a great way to let it out a healthy way.

Emotion can provide a “power up” when working out, so don’t waste it. The important thing is to be smart about it. Anger can cloud over our judgement and cause us to push past warning signs and possibly get hurt. Learning to control the emotional flow into action is a valuable lesson and something we deal with day to day.

This workout builds on “angry” songs. Lyrics are loud and sometimes shouted and while we can’t always let out that primal scream, these artist definitely aren’t under that restriction.

“Pissed off and Sweaty”
Bawitdaba0:04:26Get into the feel
Bad Reputation0:02:49Quick Run
Last Resort0:03:20Slow at 3 pick ups at 1
Get Loud for me0:02:57On 3 Max Push
Dragula0:03:43Sprint Set
Break Stuff0:02:47Speedy Road
Self Esteem0:04:18Slow Dig Full at 3
Bodies0:03:22Sprint Set
Rollin0:03:34PME Part 1 (all out)
I hate Everything about You0:03:51Flat Road Recovery
Numb / Encore0:03:25Steady Climb
Click Click Boom0:04:12PME Part 2
Song 20:02:01On and Offs (30/30s)
Hall of Fame0:03:23Chill