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Month: May 2020

Live session 7:00 PM 5/29/2020

This ride was backed by girl power as the entire playlist was all female artists.  We came big though with long climbs and a series of rapid sprints.  Even a little choreography came into play.

[ensemblevideo contentid=bda74fa8-6e55-436a-a92f-5cf0cfbf7cd7]

Live Session 5/18/2020

If you are looking to end a class looking like Swamp Thing this is the one. Very little recovery time between sets and some big pushes to get that meter in the red.

[ensemblevideo contentid=fc4b3dce-dd9d-4ae6-aacc-9e5635b99b07]

5/15/2020 100 Years of Rock

This would have been my 100th playlist for teaching fitness. The number of classes are way higher but we reuse stuff. Big shocker. To celebrate I did 100 years of Rock and Roll. 1920-2020. Enjoy a century of sweating.

Class 5/4/2020

This class was higher in the intensity scale with us finding that level “10” for effort quite a few times.  The overlapping pushes into the red carry a longer time period so this is the one to test your endurance.