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Basement Fitness Posts

Live Session 6/11/2020 – Covers

This session was versions of popular songs covered by different popular artists.  Songs your ears know and artists you know well, just not the combinations you are used to.

Live session 7:00 PM 5/29/2020

This ride was backed by girl power as the entire playlist was all female artists.  We came big though with long climbs and a series of rapid sprints.  Even a little choreography came into play.

[ensemblevideo contentid=bda74fa8-6e55-436a-a92f-5cf0cfbf7cd7]

Live Session 5/18/2020

If you are looking to end a class looking like Swamp Thing this is the one. Very little recovery time between sets and some big pushes to get that meter in the red.

[ensemblevideo contentid=fc4b3dce-dd9d-4ae6-aacc-9e5635b99b07]

5/15/2020 100 Years of Rock

This would have been my 100th playlist for teaching fitness. The number of classes are way higher but we reuse stuff. Big shocker. To celebrate I did 100 years of Rock and Roll. 1920-2020. Enjoy a century of sweating.