I have often referred to myself as a storyteller in that I have always sought to find the stories, whether my own or others. In my film, video and media work I am attracted to subjects where people are at the center of an investigation. Whatever the subject, I feel all of my work is ultimately an exploration of myself.

The challenge of teaching media production lies in asking students to interrogate objects of popular culture as they investigate themselves, and in so doing, helping them to develop a personal aesthetic to bring to their media of choice. Critical thinking is key to project development and critique is a crucial tool in this process. I employ a student-centered approach to teaching production, asking students to contribute to class discussion and to critique their own work, as well as the work of their fellow students. This format offers the opportunity for direct discussion with students and it requires me to also share my personal experiences and opinions. The reality is that this approach brings my personal work directly into the classroom. As a working professional creating original film, video and media productions, I find that sharing my production experiences with my students continues to enhance my classroom credibility and teaching.