Bob Sanders is an ecologist who studies planktonic organisms in marine and fresh waters.  His research emphasis is on protists (algae and protozoa) and their trophic interactions.  He has received research funding to study feeding ecology and remineralization of nutrients by protists, the ecological importance and physiology of mixotrophic phytoplankton and ciliates, the utilization of protozoa as food sources for zooplankton, the bioavailability of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON), the role of DON/DOC in eutrophication, and the effects of CDOM and ultraviolet radiation on food web structure.  He has interests in the ecology of protists from polar regions, and has had NSF funding to investigate mixotrophy and kleptoplasty in the Southern Ocean. Other research conducted in the lab has involved PCBs in saltwater terrapins, algal symbionts of salamanders during development and the effect of temperature and pH changes on the symbiotic relationship between dinoflagellates and marine hydroids.

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