My research focuses on evolutionary and ontogenetic studies of bone growth in modern and fossil vertebrates, principally archosaurs (including crocodylians, dinosaurs, and birds).  I deal with skeletal change both at the gross level and through histological studies of bone microstructure.  I am also interested in vertebrate taphonomy.

Current and ongoing projects (including supervised undergraduate research) include:

  • Comparison of thin-section and MicroCT analyses as sources of bone microstructure data
  • Faunal analysis and taphonomy of microvertebrate accumulations in Late Cretaceous Laramidia
  • Implications of changes in bone surface textures for assessing relative ontogenetic age in birds and ceratopsian dinosaurs

Research projects by former graduate students include:

  • Histology and geochemistry of polar dinosaur bone tissue
  • Histology, mineralogy, and geochemistry of normal vs. pathological bone tissue in dinosaurs and modern birds
  • Cladistic analysis of craniofacial ontogeny in ceratopsian dinosaurs