CV & Recent Publications

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Publications in the last five years:

Hedrick, B.P., Goldsmith, E., Rivera-Sylva, H., Fiorillo, A.R., Tumarkin-Deratzian, A.R., and Dodson, P.  2020.  Filling in gaps in the ceratopsid histologic database: histology of two basal centrosaurines and an assessment of the utility of rib histology in the Ceratopsidae.  The Anatomical Record.  303(4): 935-948.

Anné, J., Tumarkin-Deratzian, A.R., Cuff, H.J., Orsini, P., and Grandstaff, B.  2019.  Acromegaly in a hog badger (Arctonyx collaris).  Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences.  167(1): 49-56

Hedrick, B.P., Gao, C., Tumarkin-Deratzian, A.R., Shen, C., Holloway, J.L., Zhang, F., Hankenson, K.D., Liu, S., Anné, J., and Dodson, P.  2016.  An injured Psittacosaurus (Dinosauria: Ceratopsia) from the Yixian Formation (Liaoning, China): Implications for Psittacosaurus biology.  The Anatomical Record.  299(7): 897-906.

Zhao, B., Hedrick, B.P., Gao, C., Tumarkin-Deratzian, A.R., Zhang, F., Shen, C., and Dodson, P.  2016.  Histologic examination of an assemblage of Psittacosaurus (Dinosauria: Ceratopsia) juveniles from the Yixian Formation (Liaoning, China).  The Anatomical Record.  299(5): 601-612.