“An Encounter in Non-Standard Philosophy: Laruelle and the Kyoto School”


We are soliciting abstracts for chapters to be included in an edited collection that will examine themes, methods, and constructive possibilities linking François Laruelle’s non-standard philosophy with the work of the philosophers of the Kyoto School, including but not limited to Kitarō Nishida, Hajime Tanabe, Jun Tosaka, Keiji Nishitani, and Miki Kiyoshi, as well as other Japanese philosophers, engaging themes associated with the Kyoto School. Topics for proposed chapters are free to focus on metaphysical, epistemological, ethical, or aesthetic questions and may involve comparative studies of Laruelle and specific thinkers from the Kyoto School regarding such themes as:

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

      • Shinran Buddhism
      • Basho
      • Nothingness
      • Zen
      • Mu
      • Radical Immanence
      • Sufficient Philosophy
      • Philosophical Decision
      • The Real and the On



Jordanco Sekulovski, Temple University Japan Campus, JAPAN

      • General Editor (Studia Philosophica).
      • Organizer & coordinator of the TUJ PHILOSOPHY LECTURE SERIES, a non-profit forum of Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) for the promotion of critical thinking.

Rocco Gangle, Endicott College, US

      • Professor of philosophy at Endicott College, USA.
      • Research fellow at GCAS College Dublin, Ireland.



The book will be published as a part of the edition of Studia Philosophica, under Chisokudo Publications, Japan. The publication is set for release in 2021/22.


We seek contributions that will be useful references for the research community in Japanese philosophy and thought, as well as anyone interested in the selected topics.


Abstract submission deadline: April 30th, 2021
Proposal acceptance notification: May 15th, 2018 Contribution submission deadline: September 30th, 2021 Contributions reviewed returned to authors: November 2021 Revised contributions submission: December 2021


Please submit your proposals by providing by the abstract submission deadline:

      • Title of contribution
      • Abstract (350 words)
      • A brief comment on which of the recommended topics the proposed contribution is addressing (200 words)
      • Contact information (Last name, first name, role, institution, and mail)
      • The proposals must be in English and submitted in PDF format.
      • To be sent via mail to

The submitted proposals will be evaluated by the editorial advisory board. Its acceptance will be communicated to authors by May 15th, 2021, including the procedures for the full contribution submission. Full contributions are expected to be 8000-10000 words.

Each contribution must be original and unpublished work, not submitted for publication elsewhere. It is also possible to submit an English translation of a paper that has been published in Japanese with the permission of the original paper’s publisher.


For additional information/clarifications please contact

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