Learning to Live with Jin Y. Park



Jin Y. Park, professor of philosophy and religion at American University Washington D.C. brings together the Buddhist ideas of dependent co-arising, emptiness, suffering and compassion, and Jacques Derrida’s discussion of trace, justice, and violence—on the issue of “learning to live.” Professor Park explores the demarcation of the animal and the human, the beast, and the sovereign; and take into consideration how the comparative philosophy of deconstruction and Buddhism are able to contribute to our understanding of how to live a meaningful life in the politically and socially turbulent world of today. This is the second event in the “TUJ Philosophy Lecture Series,” organized by Adjunct Professors Jordanco Sekulovski and Takeshi Morisato. Please come and join us for this lively discussion moderated by Prof. Sekulovski. This event is supported by the Embassy of Korea in Japan and the Korean Cultural Center.