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Reading response #6-Newsgames

This week you read the first two and last chapters of the book, NewsGames: Journalism at Play.  The author argues that newsgames offer a new way of thinking about the news and can be a valuable contribution when embraced as a viable method of practicing journalism. Play some of the games mentioned in the three chapters such as the Persuasive Games (founded by the author Ian Bogost) mentioned in Chapter 9.  A few game examples and other resources can be found at: http://delicious.com/karenmturner/games

Also, a quick look at the Persuasive Games website shows some of the election games developed that are no longer available: http://www.persuasivegames.com/games/

Are newsgames really a viable way of practicing journalism? (The author cites a few missteps in Chapter 2)  Can newsgames embrace the traditional tenets of journalism – accuracy, objectivity, timeliness, etc?  Should they?  Why the seeming resistance to this form of storytelling as discussed by the author in Chapter 9?  Can/should newsgames be a realistic part of the future of journalism?

Don’t forget to post your responses by the Tuesday 10/15 @ 11:59p deadline.