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Reading Response #12 – Pulling it all together

1. Comment on to how author Mark Deuze (Chapter 5 – Journalism,  in Media Work) sees journalism today and in the future and how his views are similar or dissimilar to your own.
2. Based on all your work this semester – the readings, guest speakers, critique postings and assignments – what does it mean to be a journalist today? In the future?  I saw this use of a vine video on the news this week. https://vine.co/v/hFX9FUmaV0Q
3. Based on your answer to #2, do you have suggestions for ways the Journalism department should tweak its curriculum for the next generation of journalists-in-training?
As usual, don’t answer in a vacuum but feel free to also comment on your classmates’ postings.

Don’t forget to post your responses by Tuesday 11/26 @11:59p.

Reading Response #10 – Participatory Journalism

In his chapter “Crowd-Powered Collaboration,” author Mark Briggs talks about the increasing participatory role of the public in the newsgathering process.  He quotes Clay Shirky who says about the evolving nature of journalism, “The change isn’t a shift from one kind of news institution to another but rather in the definition of news: from news as an institutional prerogative to news as part of a communications ecosystem, occupied by a mix of formal organizations, information collectives and individuals.”  This is the state of the 4th Estate but is this a good thing?

Don’t forget to post your responses by the Tuesday 11/12 @11:59 deadline.

Reading Response #7- the legacy of Steve Jobs

1. The Poynter article “How Steve Jobs changed (but didn’t save) journalism” quotes a source who said Jobs “believes democracy is hinged on a free press and that depends on there being a professional press.”  But don’t his inventions encourage anyone to function as a journalist?

2. An ONA speaker on the 5th Estate panel said many people are “doing journalism” who aren’t trained as journalists, so we need to make sure that journalism tools are accessible to all.  Do you agree?  Isn’t this what Jobs’ inventions are doing – providing the tools?

3. Did Steve Jobs narrow or widen the “digital divide?”  Explain.

Don’t forget to post your responses by the Tuesday 10/22 @ 11:59p deadline.