2016-2017 Speakers

Spring 2017

February 22: David Kraemer, Dartmouth College: “Neural Pathways for Learning and Reasoning – Towards an Understanding of Individual Differences”

March 1: Ian M. Lyons, Georgetown University: “The Symbolic Number System”

March 23: Bethany Rittle-Johnson, Vanderbilt University: “It’s a Pattern! The Importance of Early Pattern Knowledge for Mathematics”

March 28: Micah Goldwater, University of Sydney: “Learning Relational Categories: A mind, brain, and education approach”

May 1Michael Posner, University of Oregon: “Mechanisms of Brain Networking and Brain State Training”

Fall 2016

October 4: Dan Willingham, University of Virginia:”Prompting Better Use of Psychological Science by K-12 Educators”

November 2: Karen Emmorey, San Diego State University: “The bimodal bilingual brain”