2017-2018 Speakers

Fall 2017

September 20: Allyson Mackey, University of Pennsylvania: “Brain Development and Plasticity: Implications for Learning and Academic Achievement”

October 3: Douglas Clements, University of Denver: “The Surprising Importance of Early Math”

December 5: Meredith Rowe, Harvard University: “Socioeconomic Disparities in Early Language Development: Prevention and Intervention”

Spring 2018

February 27: Christina Weiland, University of Michigan: “Building, Building Out, and Building Up: A Decade of Research on the Boston Prekindergarten Program”

March 28: Julia PlummerPenn State University: “Thinking Spatially About Astronomy: Embedding Support for Spatial Learning Through Curriculum Design”

April 9: Noah Finkelstein, University of Colorado, Boulder: “Educational Transformation at a Critical Time: The Promises of Disciplinary Engagement”