Volume 25, Number 2 (Fall 2011)


Conflict on the Nile: International Watercourse Law and the Elusive Effort to Create a Transboundary Water Regime in the Nile Basin
Jeffrey D. Azarva

Rethinking Banking Liability in Payment Card Relationship: The Case of “Stop Payment Order” as an Example
Liran Haim

Google’s “Use” is Your Illusion: Proposing an Agency Analysis to Trademark Infringement Lawsuits Against Online Advertising Service Providers
Kathryn S. Hatfield

Why the Chinese State Should Stop Suppressing Citizen Protests Against Injustice
Eva Pils

Rape and Forced Pregnancy as Genocide Before the Bangladesh Tribunal
Alexandra Takai

Traditional Culture v. Westernization: On the Road Toward the Rule of Law in China
Haiting Zhang