Volume 25, Number 1 (Spring 2011)


Expanding the Marital Deduction: An Analysis of International Systems of Transfer Taxation, Their Treatment of the Taxable Units, and the United States’ Inadequate Marital Deduction
Sara Burns

Issues of Family Separation: An Emergency for Moving Away from Enforcement-Only Solutions to Our Immigration “Problem”
Maria del Pilar Castillo

The Perpetrator Behind the Perpetrator: A Critical Analysis of the Theory of Prosecution Against Omar Al-Bashir
Theresa Giamanco

Curbing Rent-Seeking by Activist Shareholders: The British Approach
David W. Giattino

To Post or Not to Post: Korean Criminal Sanctions for Online Expression
John M. Leitner

Immigration Law Spanish-Style II: Spain’s Voluntary Immigrant Return Plan and the New Push for Circular Migration
María Pabόn López and Roxana A. Davis

Consumer Protection Initiatives in the EU Mortgage Market: A Behavioral Economics Based Critique and Proposal
Debra Pogrund Stark and Jessica M. Choplin

Pirates Behind an Ajar Door, And an Ocean Away: U.S.-China WTO Disputes, Intellectual Property Protection, and Market Access
Weighou Zhou