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Philadelphia, AKA Philly, is the second largest city in the East Coast and the sixth largest city in the U.S. The Philadelphia area is home to many universities and colleges and, Temple is the largest university in one of the nation’s most iconic cities. With its rich history, world-class museums, music venues and restaurants- as well as proximity to New York, Boston and other major destinations- Philadelphia provides its students with endless possibility for exploration and learning in a vibrant, multi-cultural environment.

City Highlights

Here are some of the many unique shoutouts to our amazing city

City of Firsts

Philadelphia’s rich history includes many of the country’s “firsts.”

  • 1st fire station
  • 1st hospital
  • 1st library
  • 1st bank
  • 1st law school
  • 1st post office
  • 1st zoo
  • 1st fine arts academy and many more!

City Sites

Philly is home to some of the country’s best art collections and award-winning restaurants and music venues and theaters.