College of Education

Carol Brandt Department of Teaching and Learning

College of Engineering

Evangelia Bellas Bioengineering Department

Joseph Danowsky Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Bojana Gligorijevic Bioengineering Department

Mohammad Kiani Department of Mechanical Engineering

College of Liberal Arts

Elizabeth Hayes Alvarez Department of Religion

Marcus Bingenheimer Department of Religion

Fletcher Chmara-Huff Department of Geography and Urban Studies

Elizabeth Groff Department of Criminal Justice

Allison Hayes-Conroy Department of Geography and Urban Studies

Karen Klaiber Hersch Greek and Roman Classics

Brian Hutler Department of Philosophy

Veronica Jacome Department of Geography and Urban Studies

Robin Kolodny Department of Political Science

Rita Krueger Department of History

Gerardo Augusto Lorenzino Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Marian W. Makins Greek and Roman Classics

Michael McGlin Greek and Roman Classics

Juris Milestone Department of Anthropology

Lauren Olsen Department of Sociology

Kolson Schlosser Department of Geography and Urban Studies

Miriam Solomon Department of Philosophy

Tom Waidzunas Department of Sociology

Shannon Walters Department of English

Susan Wells Department of English (retired)

Sidney D. White Department of Religion

Matt Wray Department of Sociology

College of Public Health

Michael J. Harvey Department of Health Services Administration and Policy

Mark Salzer Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

W. Geoffrey Wright Department of Physical Therapy

Jingwei Wu Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

College of Science and Technology

Rob Kulathinal Department of Biology

Jim Napolitano Department of Physics

Slobodan Vucetic Department of Computer and Information Sciences

Pei Wang Department of Computer and Information Sciences

Fox School of Business

Jeffrey Boles Department of Legal Studies in Business

Leora Eisenstadt Center for Ethics, Diversity, and Workplace Culture

Klein College of Media and Communication

Bruce W. Hardy Department of Communication and Social Influence

Andrew Iliadis, Department of Media Studies and Production

Meghnaa Tallapragada Department of Public Relations, Media & Communication

Lewis Katz School of Medicine

Nora L. Engel Fels Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Biology

Nora Jones Center for Urban Bioethics

Emmanuelle Nicolas Fox Chase Cancer Center

Camille Ragin Fox Chase Cancer Center

Brian Tuohy Center for Urban Bioethics

School of Theater, Film and Media Arts

Roderick Coover Film and Media Arts

Student Association

Temple University Association of Interdisciplinary Sciences (AIS)

Temple University Libraries

Sarah C. Jones Temple University Libraries

Joe Lucia Dean of Temple University Libraries

Stephanie Roth Health Sciences Libraries

Fred Rowland Temple University Libraries