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Monday, October 10, 12-1pm

Charles library First Floor Event Space or

STS NOW! – Conversations in Science, Technology, Society

Todd Schifeling (Fox)

Divest, Delay, or Distract: Managing Conflicting Stakeholders amid Industry Disruption 

While managers prefer to integrate the interests of multiple stakeholders, these groups often have conflicting goals. Industry disruptions intensify these conflicts, with some stakeholders favoring the status quo and others encouraging change. We investigate how managers balance conflicting stakeholders under such duress. Using the context of the U.S. electricity industry from 2008-2015, we find that inertial and activist stakeholders influence the divestment of coal generators in opposite directions. Further, by disentangling divestment announcements from implementation and considering the additional outcome of solar investments, we show how managers use strategic delay and distraction to mollify activists, while also benefitting inertial stakeholders.

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