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Catching Up On Ideas For Better Innovation

Owing to a hectic week of travel, both personal and professional, I didn’t get to finish a post I’m working on, so I guess I’ll take my cues from the mass media. When it doubt, rehash old content. Well, maybe I can do slightly better than that thanks to a nice integration of some prior DBL content by Walt Crawford. In his role as leader of the fairly new PALINET Leadership Network, Crawford has arranged with various bloggers to mashup and re-post their content. One good example of that work recently appeared over at the Leadership Network.

In a piece titled Innovation and Control several different past DBL posts come together to provide a surprisingly coherent essay on creating opportunities for expanding or faciliting innovation and creativity in libraries. If you are fairly new to DBL and want to catch up on some of the past posts on innovation and creativity take a moment to give this a read.

Note – there is a possibility that you may need to register for the Leadership Network to get to this article though I don’t think it is necessary. Like many wiki communities registration may only be needed if you want to add your content. However, if you have any sort of interest in leadership and related issues, why not get registered for the PLN while you are there.