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Philadelphia Aphasia Community at Temple

Police brutality is harassing black people, which police should not do. Police should help people, not hurt them. A man is doing nothing, then police search and tell him to get on the ground and then shoot him. Police don’t stop and frisk everyone, only black people.


A black man in a wheelchair, police told him “get your hands up.” It wasn’t clear he had a gun. He couldn’t lift his hands, he was paralyzed, and the police shot him. This affected the family. Cops keep doing the same things. When will they stop?


This happened because of hidden racism. Police need to learn more training. A person in a wheelchair might not be able to raise their hands. White people don’t have these problems. A 74-year-old white man injured 7 cops and killed a black police officer. Now, he’s going to court. If it were me, a black man, I’d be dead.


This makes me feel betrayed and upset and downright disappointed. Police are out there, and they could take me, but I don’t have anything to hide. My family also feels disappointed and disrespected.


If you have a language disability and you see the police say, “Excuse me, I had a stroke, I have aphasia, please be patient with me.” Police should be trained to deal with people with aphasia. Personally, I’m scared to go out of the house after dark.


by Wayne

Originally published in PACT 2018 Newsletter