In the Ocean Climate Connections Lab, we strive to create a diverse, equitable, inclusive, accessible, and safe community to learn, collaborate, and grow as people and scientists. We believe science is done best in collaboration, with diversity of perspectives and experiences being central to achieving our lab’s mission to understand the ocean’s role in the climate system. Hands-on teamwork and rigorous scientific debate and discussion is at the heart of the work done in our lab. We strongly value scientific communication and encourage and provide opportunities for the refinement of our ability to communicate the value of our research to the wider public. With the core value of scientific integrity at the foundation of our work, we are committed to transparent and reproducible science and all published work is accompanied by readily-available code, data, and documentation. We believe in promoting a healthy work-life balance and strive to foster a strong sense of community outside of our research. Everyone is welcome, everyone is respected, everyone is valued. We will accept nothing less.