For any of the opportunities listed below, contact me at rebecca.beadling@temple.edu.

Undergraduate Researchers

I am always looking for motivated undergraduate students to work on projects centered on climate model analysis, please email me if interested with a brief introduction and your goals and interests.

Graduate Students

I am currently recruiting for Master’s and PhD students for Fall 2024 – see complete ad description below! Prospective students, please email me with a brief introduction and a statement of research interests. Please see the following resources regarding the admission process and degree requirements in the Department of Earth and Environmental Science at Temple University:

Temple Graduate Admissions – Requirements and How to Apply
Earth and Environmental Science (ESS) Graduate Program


The Ocean Climate Connections (OCC) lab led by Dr. Becki Beadling in the Earth and
Environmental Sciences Department at Temple University is seeking to fill two fully-funded
Masters and Ph.D. positions for Fall 2024. Research in the OCC lab is centered on understanding
the role of the ocean in the climate system – its present state, future evolution, and coupled
processes between the ocean and other components of the climate system. Graduate students
will use state-of-the-science observational datasets, observational products, and climate model
simulations as the primary tools in their research. The OCC lab runs its own high-performance
analysis and data storage system for analysis of large datasets and course to high resolution
model output, putting state of the art computing at your fingertips. The OCC lab specializes in
evaluating the performance of climate models in representing ocean processes and properties,
developing diagnostics to build a process-level understanding of model performance and
climate projections, coupled ocean – climate processes, Southern Ocean physical and
biogeochemical dynamics, and ice-ocean processes along the Antarctic margin. Please see the
Research section on our lab webpage linked above for more on the main themes of our work.
In the theme of collaboration and open and reproducible science, students will learn to use
GitHub and Python in their research, with support provided to train students on these tools if
entering with limited experience or experience in another programming language. Support will
be provided to send students to relevant workshops and conferences throughout their tenure,
as communication of the value of their work and networking are vital pieces to a students’
success. While all projects will fall into the general theme of understanding the ocean’s role in
the climate system, the exact scope of the project will be determined in collaboration with each

Temple’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences offers a M.S. degree in Geology (M.S.
degree option in Environmental Geoscience slated to start in Fall 2023) and a Ph.D. in Geosciences, with
an application deadline for Fall 2024 admission in mid-January. Prospective candidates
are strongly encouraged to reach out to Dr. Becki Beadling as soon as possible via email at
rebecca.beadling@temple.edu with a short introduction including background and interests.
Both M.S. and Ph.D. students are provided with a fully-funded competitive stipend including
tuition coverage and health insurance. Please see our departments webpage for further
information on the program and requirements: https://ees.cst.temple.edu/grad/?.

Postdoctoral Research Scientists

I will be recruiting for a 2-year funded postdoctoral research scientist position to start in Fall 2023 / early 2024. Areas of interest include coupled air-sea-ice interactions along the Antarctic margin, continental shelf and open-ocean exchange and their projected evolution in a warming climate, processes governing the projected evolution of large-scale ocean circulation patterns, Southern Ocean biogeochemical response to climate forcing, and building process-oriented diagnostics to further our understanding of biases in the Southern Ocean in CMIP6-class models. Exact scope of project to be determined by the candidate’s interest and experience. Please check back here for additional information or email me to discuss opportunities.

Additionally, if interested in seeking external funding through the National Science Foundation’s Ocean Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship please email me to discuss proposal ideas.