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Dr. Newcombe’s 2022 article “Spatial navigation in childhood and aging” was featured in this article published in Knowable Magazine. April 2024.

Jeffery, K. J., Cheng, K., Newcombe, N. S., Bingman, V. P., & Menzel, R. (2024). Unpacking the navigation toolbox: Insights from comparative cognition. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 291: 20231304. | February 2024
PDF: Unpacking_the_navigation_toolbox_insights_from_com

BBC Future | February 2024
How to improve your sense of direction
Features: Nora Newcombe

Proceedings for the National Academy of Sciences “The Search for the cognitive map” | April 2023
Features: Nora Newcombe

American Psychological Association “Scientist Spotlight: Q&A with Nora Newcombe, PhD” | March 2022
Features: Nora Newcombe

CBS Sunday Morning episode “A sense of direction: Finding your way without GPS” | July 2021
Features: Nora Newcombe

Royal Institute of Navigation Webinar titled “The Development of Navigation ” | April 2021
Features: Nora Newcombe

XR Advance Webinar titled “Cognitive Maps: Some People Make Them, Some People Struggle” funded by NSF | July 2019
Features: Nora Newcombe

Child Trends Organization | May 2019
Best Toys for Baby video featuring some of her research

The Washington Post | September 16, 2017
Why it’s a Real Mistake to Count on a Cellphone When you go Hiking
Features: Nora Newcombe

Blog on Learning & Development (BOLD) | August 25, 2017
The connection between spatial intelligence and STEM
Features: Nora Newcombe

The British Psychological Society|April 2017
Building Spatial Skills in Preschool
Article by: Nora Newcombe

2017 Psychonomic Society Collaborative Symposium
Applications of Embodied Cognition to STEM Education| September 3-6, 2017
Organizer: Nora Newcombe

Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications|December 2016
Special Issue
Edited by: Nora Newcombe and Steven Weisberg

Education Week | Teacher Beat Blog| May 12, 2016
Are Teachers Being Taught Bad Science?
Features: Nora Newcombe

LearnTeachLead | Blog| May 9, 2016
Laying the Foundation: Playing with Blocks and Puzzles Can Prepare Children to Learn Math
Features: Nora Newcombe

Business of Play | T&G Conference Blog| March 6, 2016
Starting Strong: Blocks and Puzzles are More Than Just Fun
Features: Nora Newcombe

PBS Parents | Expert Tips & Advice | January 27, 2016
Why Children Still Need to Read (and Draw) Maps
Features: Nora Newcombe

Nautilus | Biology & Psychology | January 2016
Men Are Better At Maps Until Women Take This Course
Features: Nora Newcombe

Vox | Science & Health | September 2015
Is GPS ruining our ability to navigate for ourselves?
Features: Nora Newcombe

Elsevier Connect | Psychology, Psychiatry & Mental Health | February 2015
The Brian Williams debacle: What does psychology say about it?
Features: Nora Newcombe

Association for Psychological Science
News| January 28, 2015
Playing With Puzzles and Blocks Could Build Children’s Spatial Skills
Features: Jamie Jirout & Nora Newcombe
Featured on: ScienceDaily, NSF’s science 360, & EurekAlert!

Documentary : “Where Am I” on German-language TV
Where Am I
Features: Nora Newcombe

Temple University Faculty Awards
Laura Carnell Professorship
Features: Nora Newcombe

Temple University Department News | June 13, 2014
Dr. Nora Newcombe wins 2014 William James Fellow

IES Center
Using Space Assessment to Increase Long-Term Retention in Science Learning
Features: Nora Newcombe

Temple University News | January 31, 2014
Episodic Memory: Understanding How Memories are Made in Kids
Features: Nora Newcombe

NewsWorks | November 15, 2013
Lost in space: Is it possible to reprogram your spatial intelligence?
Features: Kristin Gagnier & Nora Newcombe

Association for Psychological Science Observer
Observer | Vol.26, No.9 | November 2013
What We Know Now: How Psychological Science Has Changed Over a Quarter Century
Features: Nora Newcombe

ScienceNews | November 2, 2013
Mental rotation gears up by age 5 for both boys and girls
Susan Levine (University of Chicago)

Global Cognition | October 31, 2013
Building Spatial Thinking Improves STEM success
Features: Newcombe, Uttal (Northwestern), & Miller (Northwestern)

University of Delaware UDaily | September 26, 2013
The building blocks of learning: Playing with blocks may help children’s spatial and mathematical thinking
Features: Newcombe, Hirsh-Pasek, Golinkoff (U.Del), & Verdine (U.Del)

American Psychological Association
Psychological Science Agenda | June 2013
New psychological research on STEM education is showcased on Capitol Hill
Features: Nora Newcombe

The Society for Research in Child Development
Biennial Meeting | April 2013
Starting Points and Change in Spatial Development: Contrasting Perspectives.
Elizabeth Spelke (Harvard) and Nora Newcombe discuss the geometric module proposal and alternative approaches to spatial development that emphasize information integration.
Watch here

“Strong spatial skills and what this means in the classroom
GL Education interviews Dr. Newcombe to help you understand how you can support pupils with a spatial bias in the classroom.
View Video

In an article by Robin Tricoles, “Cognitive psychologist Nora Newcombe studies how spatial skills in children and adults improve their competence in science and in math.”
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HEALTH | June 11, 2012
Well: The Makings of Our Earliest Memories

Temple University News | 2012
Faculty Focus: Nora Newcombe