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* = co-authors; † = trainee under my supervision/co-supervision; ^co-senior authors

Preprints Under Review

Helion C, Smith DV, Jarcho J. When thinking you are better leads to feeling worse: Self-other asymmetries in prosocial behavior and increased anxiety during the Covid-19 pandemic. Preprint available on medRxiv.

Dennison JB†*, Sazhin D†*, Smith DV. Decision Neuroscience and Neuroeconomics: Recent Progress and Ongoing Challenges. Preprint available on PsyArXiv. [Invited Advanced Review submission for Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science]

O’Shea IM, Popal H, Olson IR, Murty VP^, Smith DV^. Distinct Alterations in Cerebellar Connectivity with Substantia Nigra and Ventral Tegmental Area in Parkinson’s Disease. Preprint available on bioRxiv.

Fareri DS, Hackett K, Tepfer LJ†, Kelly V†, Henninger N, Reeck C, Giovannetti T, Smith DV. Age-Related Differences in Ventral Striatal and Default Mode Network Function During Reciprocated Trust. Preprint available on bioRxiv. [NeuroVault] [Open Materials] [Open Data] [PreRegistration]

Dobryakova E & Smith DV. Reward Enhances Connectivity between the Ventral Striatum and the Default Mode Network. Preprint available on bioRxiv. [Open Materials]


Tepfer LJ†, Alloy LB, Smith DV. Family History of Depression is Associated with Alterations in Task-Dependent Connectivity between the Cerebellum and Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex. Preprint available on bioRxiv.

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