Principal Investigator: Lauren B. Alloy, Ph.D.

Prospective Research Assistants


We are accepting applications for volunteers for the Fall of 2024!

RA responsibilities include participant screening and recruitment, data coding and entry, conducting literature searches, and assisting in the daily maintenance of lab projects. Didactic seminars are held during the semester on a variety of topics including mood disorders research, applying to clinical psychology graduate programs, and job opportunities in the field. RAs who demonstrate exceptional potential, are dependable, and able to make a longer commitment to the lab are often able to gain additional experiences including administering diagnostic and life stress interviews, and assisting graduate students on projects that could lead to authorship on papers and/or conference presentations.

We are routinely accept applicants for honors’ credit, independent study credit, or volunteer experience. Occasionally, paid experience (e.g., work study) is also available, particularly in the case of those with prior research experience, either in our lab or elsewhere. If you are interested in applying for an RA position in our lab, an application form may be obtained here:

Volunteer Application Form