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“The Talking Cure Podcast” episode June 8, 2021: Miriam Solomon, Sahanika Ratnayake, and Riana Betzler discuss central questions in the philosophy of psychotherapy: What is psychotherapy, exactly? What makes it effective? How does its situation within medical contexts influence the way we think about it?

Video of talk “On Pluralism in Psychiatry,” presented at a webinar of the Social (Distance) Epistemology Webinar series organized by the Social Epistemology Network on August 7, 2020, here. My talk is in the last 15 minutes of the video.

Richard Marshall’s 3 a.m. interview of me was posted in June 2020 here

Video of talk “After Disclosure” presented at the Rotman Institute conference “Understanding Replication across the Sciences” on October 13, 2018, here

Jonathan Fuller (University of Toronto) interviewed me twice for his podcast Philosophers on Medicine. The topics are “Pick your medicine: evidence-based, narrative or precision?” here and “Expert Consensus in Medicine,” here. Each is about 20 minutes long.

Fred Rowland (Librarian, Temple University Library) has produced a 42 minute interview on my book Making Medical Knowledge here.  It contains fewer “ums” (on my part) than the New Books in Philosophy interview

New Books in Philosophy has produced a 1 hour interview (released October 15, 2015) on my book Making Medical Knowledge here

“Precision Medicine,” a podcast I did for The Academic Minute on November 10, 2015, is available here

Temple Today has a 2-3 minute video in which I talk about the importance of philosophy in undergraduate education here