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Miriam Solomon’s Home Page

Miriam Solomon is Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy at Temple University.  She is also an Affiliated Professor of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies and an Affiliated Professor in the Center for Bioethics, Urban Health, and Policy (Temple University School of Medicine). She was Department Chair 2013-2019, Interim Department Chair 2020-21, and is Department Chair 2023-4.

Professor Solomon was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for 2019-20. She is a Life Member at Clare Hall, Cambridge.

Professor Solomon is a graduate of Cambridge University (BA in Natural Sciences, 1979) and Harvard University (PhD in Philosophy, 1986).  She is the author of Social Empiricism (MIT Press, 2001) and Making Medical Knowledge (Oxford University Press, 2015). The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Medicine, edited by Miriam Solomon, Jeremy R. Simon, and Harold Kincaid, was published early in 2017. Currently, she is working on topics in the philosophy of psychiatry as well as topics in philosophy of medicine more broadly.

Her research interests are in philosophy of science, philosophy of medicine, philosophy of psychiatry, history of science, epistemology, gender and science and biomedical ethics.

Professor Solomon is on the editorial board of Philosophy of Science. She served on the Governing Board of the Philosophy of Science Association (2011-14) and is on the Advisory Board of the Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice. She is on the Advisory Board of the International Philosophy of Medicine Roundtable, the Steering Committee of the Social Epistemology Network, and the Executive Committee of the Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry. She is also a member of the Steering Committee and the Scientific Committee for the PhilInBioMed Network.

Professor Solomon serves on the Temple University Hospital Ethics Committee and is a Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.