Unisoku STM

Unisoku UHV-300mK STM

The Unisoku UHV-300mK is an ultra-high-vacuum (UHV) scanning tunneling microscope (STM) designed to operate down to 300 mK in a magnetic field up to 9 Tesla. The cryostat that hosts the microscope is connected to two UHV chambers. This system has the ability to exchange both tips and sample from the STM stage located at the bottom of the cryostat. The UHV chambers (in a base pressure of 10-11 Torr) are equipped with several components that allow preparation of tips and sample’s surface in situ.

Preparation Chamber

The preparation chamber is equipped with fabrication and analysis tools. A triple sources e-beam evaporator is used for evaporation of a wide range of materials. A sputter ion gun is designed for backsputtering of substrates, samples or tips.  A heating stage is used to anneal substrates or samples and a cold stage to control the sample temperature during evaporation. A cold cleavage stage is used to cleave single crystals. The LEED-AES system provides complementary surface analysis of samples.