Got a Noisy (study room) Neighbor? Here’s What to Do.

The people in the study room next to mine are being noisy. It’s impossible to get anything done with constant yelling. Please add posters in the study rooms to let students know that everyone around them can still hear it when they are noisy.

So you’ve discovered our study rooms are a great resource for private study – and what goes better with quiet study than…silence.

Our study rooms are also a great resource for group projects and meetings. In fact, we refer to them as “group study rooms” because they are intended for more than one person. Occasionally, groups will get noisy and that can become a problem for their neighbors, who may be studying quietly, and even students sitting outside the room.

So, what do you do in these situations?

We recommend that you contact the One Stop Assistance Desk that is located on the main level of Charles Library. You can reach the OSAD by phone at 215-204-8212.

OSAD staff will work with our Facilities Team to send a staff member to the room that is creating excessive noise to ask that they cease making that noise, cease the yelling, cease the loud music…or what is happening generating so much noise.

It’s not likely that we’d put posters up on the walls to remind students to be quiet. But that’s a reasonable suggestion and perhaps we can come up with another way to remind students that excessive noise does bother their fellow students in neighboring study room.

Thanks for your suggestion