What Happened to Journal Finder? How Can I Search By Citation?

What happened the to journal finder search option from the old website? It was very useful and this new library website does not seem to offer a similar search.

You and many others pointed out to us the utility of the “journal finder” tab available on our previous website.  We acknowledge that when you need to search by citation or DOI or if you just want to know if we subscribe to a certain journal, a citation finder tool is invaluable.

And that’s exactly why we created “Citation Finder” – which is even better than the old “journal finder”.

You will find it under “Quick Links” on our library website home page – just scroll to the end of the page where you’ll see this box:

library quick links image




When you click on “citation finder” you will come to the page where you can do your journal searching:

library citation search box image









The search tool is self-explanatory. Good luck with your citation searching.

Steven Bell
Associate University Librarian