More Furniture, Please

With the amount of space in Charles Library I am wondering why there is such a limited amount of seating. I’ve had trouble finding a place other than at tables. What about more desks like those that were in Paley? Also, there seems to be only a limited number of outlets here.

Thanks for sharing your questions about Charles Library. By design, the plan to was open with less furniture than the building will ultimately accommodate, in both number and styles. Rather than immediately fill up the building to capacity with furniture, the planners chose to wait and learn more about how the building and available furniture was being used by students and others. We are currently conducting a user survey about the furniture. Plans are already underway to acquire additional furniture for Charles and it’s possible some will be in the style of individual study carrels.

Yes, there are fewer outlets than might be expected. To better facilitate students ability to charge their devices, Charles Libraries offers Battery Share kiosks. These power packs offer 6 hours of charging time for laptops, phones, and other devices. They can be returned at any kiosk.If you have yet to do so, please try borrowing one of our batteries at any of the kiosks conveniently located throughout Charles Library.