Be Part of the Conversation as Temple University Libraries and the Institute for Public Affairs Continue to Talk Politics

The national election is just one week away, and the Libraries and Temple’s Institute for Public Affairs continue to bring you conversations on politics.

Get a glimpse of political trends overseas and learn about political parties’ policy changes in response to public opinion shifts and the consequences of these policy shifts on public opinion, election outcomes, cabinet formation and duration, and party leadership survival in both Western and Eastern and Central European democracies in a talk today, November 7, at noon in 1221 Anderson Hall. This talk is sponsored by the Institute for Public Affairs and features Zeynep Somer-Topcu of Vanderbilt University.

Then, tomorrow, at 2:30 PM in Paley Library Lecture Hall, our panel addresses racial politics in our national politics. This installment of Chat in the Stacks: Race in the Race, will feature Dr. David Waldstreicher (History), Dr. Wilbur Jenkins, (History), Sophia Sanders, (Art History) and Philadelphia attorney Michael Coard along with Micah Kleit of the Temple University Press. As always, our host will be Dr. Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon, professor of theater.



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