Philadelphia and the Makeshift Metropolis

PLACE X PROMISE=PHILADELPHIA: Philadelphia and the makeshift metropolis March 20, 11:00 AM, Kiva Auditorium A Symposium Program by the General Education Program and Temple University Libraries Architect, urbanist and University of Pennsylvania’s Professor Witold Rybczynski shares ideas from his recent book Makeshift Metropolis and discusses them within the Philadelphia context. Traditional city planning has important lessons to offer, but after more than a century of big ideas that falter, Rybczynski argues, we’ve learned that cities may actually thrive best on a myriad of smaller ideas. Joining the discussion with Rybczynski is a distinguished panel (Paul Levy, President and CEO of the Center City District; Sandra Shea, Opinion Page Editor of the Philadelphia Daily News; and Temple Professor Carolyn Adams) who will ground the promise of urban place by introducing Philadelphia examples.

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