Temple Gallery, Tyler School of Art and Temple University Libraries Present: YEVGENIY FIKS: POST-SOVIET WITHOUT SHORES TEXT/POLITICS/ART—Lenin for Your Library?, Ayn Rand in Illustrations, and Communist Tour of MoMA Introduction by Temple Gallery guest curator Stamatina Gregory Russian-born Yevgeniy Fiks discusses the influence of text and politics on his art, which faces head-on the Post-Soviet dialog in the West. Fiks draws influence for many of his politically poignant works from book. Projects such as Lenin for Your Library? in which the artist sent V.I. Lenin’s Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism to 100 corporate libraries, documenting and archiving the responses to his mailing, demonstrate this. A later project, Ayn Rand in Illustrations, attempts to add a visual component to three of the author’s major books: We the Living, The Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged. Join the Libraries and Temple Gallery, Tyler School of Art as this intriguing artist shares the process and product of his work. DISCUSSION follows at Temple Gallery, 12th and Norris Streets, 6:30 PM Following his lecture, Yevgeniy Fiks will participate in a public discussion about his work and its relationship to art and politics, Cold-War legacy, and more. Students from Topics in Contemporary Art, taught by Tyler’s Philip Glahn, will lead the discussion. This lecture is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Yevgeniy Fiks: Communist Conspiracy in Art Threatens American Museums, which runs from September 8-November 6 at Temple Gallery. Yevgeniy Fiks: Post-Soviet Without Shores is supported in part by the Friends of Temple Gallery, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and Temple University Libraries. templegallery_fiks_donderoinstallationSMALL.jpg Installation view of Tour of MoMA with Congressman Dondero, 2010 in the exhibition Yevgeniy Fiks: Communist Conspiracy in Art Threatens American Museums at Temple Gallery at Tyler School of Art, Temple University, September 8 – November 6, 2010. Image courtesy of Temple Gallery. templegallery_fiks_communisttourofmomaSMALL.jpg Communist Tour of MoMA: Marc Chagall, 2010 Digital prints on canvas 30 x 40 inches each Courtesy of the artist and Winkleman Gallery, NY.

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