Special Collections Showcase features Science Fiction this January

January 30 4:00 pm Special Collections reading room Mezzanine level of Paley Library Special Collections Showcase Amazing Stories Annual, No. 1 Please join us for the spring’s first Special Collections Showcase! These events allow for up-close encounters with, and conversations about, the historical sources found in a variety of special collections at Temple University Libraries. They offer the opportunity for investigation of the materials that document history. This January, join a discussion about science fiction and its rise as a significant genre movement in pulps, books, and fanzines from the 19th century through today. Special Collections holds a number of historical science fiction materials in the Science Fiction Collection. This collection contains more than 30,000 volumes, magazines (pulps, fanzines, and academic journals), over 100 cubic feet of manuscripts, and selected posters, paintings, drawings, and related materials. The collection ranges from late 19th century through the 20th century first editions, book club and paperback editions, with international coverage. Amateur and semi-professional science fiction and fantasy serials (fanzines) have been collected and added since the founding of the Science Fiction Collection. The collection also holds a number of manuscripts and author’s papers.

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