Browzine Takes Your Journal Reading to a New Level

Temple University Libraries provides access to thousands of journals in electronic format. The challenge is identifying all the ones relevant to your needs, and then setting up a system that makes it convenient to keep up with the latest issues and articles.

That’s where Browzine comes in handy. It’s an app for both Mac and Android tablet devices that makes tracking, reading and managing journals a simple task. The Temple University Libraries has acquired a site license for Browzine that will allow Temple community members to easily gain access to a vast majority of the journals to which we subscribe – as well as many more open access journals. While viewing articles, Browzine facilitates saving and sharing them.

When you become a Browzine user you begin by selecting the journals you wish to regularly follow, by title or by browsing different subject areas. The selection covers journals that the Temple University Libraries subscribes to, as well as open access journals. Browzine creates a virtual bookshelf on your device. Just click on individual journal issues to proceed to the table of contents for each issue.

Ipad screen showing thumbnails arranged as if on a wooden bookshelf.

Screenshot of the Browzine Bookshelf Where Journals Are Organized



To get started just download the Browzine app from the App Store or Google Play. If you are interested in learning more about Browzine take a few moments to watch this introductory video. Your Libraries subject specialist can also provide you with more information about or guidance with Browzine.

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