Digital Collection Highlight: Temple University Yearbooks

Collage of Temple University Yearbooks Names: The Record, The Dental Log, Templar, Skull, Odontolog, Arrex, Apothecan.


How did students at Temple cope with going to college during World War II?  Were Temple students involved in the Civil Rights movement?  What influenced Temple students in the 1970’s?  Answers and insights into all of these questions and much more are now available at your fingertips through Temple University Libraries’ digitization of the University’s yearbooks.

In addition to the Templar, one can search and browse yearbooks from allied health, law, medical, nursing, podiatry, and pharmacy schools as well.  Here’s a list of titles:

Templar 1923-2009 (Temple’s general yearbook)

Allied Health: Plexus


  • The Dental Log
  • The Dent-Owl
  • The Dental Ray
  • The Diamond
  • The Gateway
  • The Handpiece
  • Odontolog
  • Impressions
  • The Record

Law:  The Advocate 1967.

Medical School:  The Skull


  • Cross-Bones
  • Promethean
  • Promethian
  • Reveille


  • Tempodian
  • Templodian
  • Achilles


  • The Alembic
  • Apethocan
  • Arrex
  • Asclepian
  • The Pharmacopian
  • Pharmacy
  • Secundum Artem
  • The Show Globe.

Enjoy a blast from the past at Temple University Libraries digital collections!



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