Library Prize Interviews, April 2012

On the day of the Library Prize Awards Ceremony, May 1, 2012, I spoke with the three library prize winners and their faculty sponsors. We discussed their research, the sources they used, the relationship between student and sponsor, and the winding roads that first brought them to their topics.

Please listen to these engaging conversations below.

Summer Beckley:

“A Crisis of Identity: Advertising & the British Ministry of Information’s Propaganda Posters of World War II”

Afrora Muca:

“From Classroom to Battlefield: The Role of Students in the Closing of Carlisle Indian Industrial School, 1918”

Eugene Tsvilik:

“No Enemies to the Left:  The Communist Party of the United States and Crises of International Communism, 1956-1968”

—Fred Rowland

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