We’re Back! Thanks for Your Patience and Support

Whew! After the catastrophic failure of our library web site on Sunday, Sept. 11, we had activated our alternative homepage, a slimmed down menu of all our resources. As we explained on our alternate page, after a scheduled power outage ended Sunday morning, our usual webservers and a key backup failed to reboot. Many members of the library technology staff, working with colleagues from computer services, worked many hours to build several servers from clean installs and then restore the library web site from a new physical location less subject to the periodic power outages which afflict Paley Library . Our goal is to make sure the site runs reliably and consistently so that the resources can be reached anytime, from anywhere, 24/7. Owing to equipment failure that was not possible and so we had to make do with a stripped down alternate page that menued our resources. We greatly appreciate how understanding the Temple Community was during this difficult situation. Thank you for being patient – and putting up with our alternate site – until we restored the regular site. As of Thursday September 22, the website is up and we are actively testing and repairing minor issues. For example the text-only version of the site is not working this morning. We have asked our automatic text rendering service to redirect their scripts to the new IP addess of the website and hope the text only version of the site will be restored on Friday. Thank you! Originally posted 9/21/11 by Steven Bell, Associate University Librarian Augmented 9/22/11 by Jonathan LeBreton, Associate University Librarian.

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