New Flex-Study Space – Use for Group Work on 1st Floor

One challenge of using the Paley Library is finding a good group study space. There are study rooms on the upper levels and some movie viewing rooms on in the Media Services area, but nothing on the first floor. We have now added the Flex-Study Space, a new area in the Computer Commons on the first floor (west). Located in the corner opposite the News Media Lounge, the Flex-Study Space features folding screens that can be used to quickly create a room for group study. There are folding tables that can be individually or can be joined together into one large table that holds approximately ten people. There is also a computer monitor on the wall into which a student can connect his or her laptop. Please know that this is a study space so we ask that students refrain from using it for social activities such as parties, card games, etc. The Flex-Study space is open to all on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you have questions about the space or need assistance, just stop at the “Ask Here” desk in the Computer Commons. Demi Lune table under a wall mounted flat screen TV.Larger surface area table in study room.

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