Try Our New Search Engine, Summon

Easily discover the world of library content with Temple University Libraries’ new search engine, Summon. Summon simultaneously searches the Diamond catalog, the Libraries’ digital content and millions of public domain e-books offered online by the Hathi Trust.

Screen shot of the new Summon search box on the Libraries' homepage, (linked to larger version). Type a keyword in the Summon searchbox on our homepage. Once you get results, refine them through categories listed on the left-hand side of the screen. Eliminate superfluous results and select your content based on library location, publication date, topic, content type and other options. For example, if you only want print books available at our library locations, click “book” under “Content Type.” You can also select “e-book,” “journal article,” “dissertation,” or “book review” and combine categories for various results. If you already know exactly what you are looking for there are, of course, advanced search options. Summon can quickly tell you what content is available and in what format. The “full-text” icon specifies which material is available electronically through the Libraries. Summon entries even indicate which books are on loan and when they are due back! Screenshot of a Summons search result page, (linked to larger version).
We hope you find Summon as easy to use as we do. It’s a one-stop search for an amazing breadth of content accessible through Temple University Libraries. We are always open to suggestion, however; so let us know what we can do to improve Summon. Please note that the Summon searchbox replaces the Diamond searchbox on our homepage. You can still access the Diamond Catalog from the homepage, under “Books, Movies & More.”

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