New Trial: Underground and Independent Comics, Comix, and Graphic Novels

We have trial access to Underground and Independent Comics, Comix, and Graphic Novels until 7/7/10.  It is the “first-ever scholarly online collection for researchers and students of adult comic books and graphic novels.”  According to the publisher:

Underground and Independent Comics provides a comprehensive view of alternative comics from the 1960s to today, particularly those from North America. There are also some pre-1960s materials included due to their influence on later works and their overall historical significance.

The collection contains scans of both original comics and reprint books.  Wherever possible we have included the original comic books instead of, or in addition to, later reprints.  Since many underground comics were anthologies, we have only included those stories for which we have received permission from the copyright holders.

This first release features approximately 24,000 pages of comics and a small number of The Comics Journal issues. Future releases will introduce additional content and functionality that will allow for more detailed browsing, searching, and content analysis.

At completion Comics will include more than 100,000 pages of materials, including 75,000 pages of primary materials (the comics themselves), and more than 25,000 pages of materials about comics—interviews, commentary, theory, and criticism—from The Comics Journal and other secondary sources.

Your feedback on the trial is appreciated!

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