Printer Added To Second Floor of Paley

Paley Library has 125 computers on its three floors, but up to now has had only two black & white printers on the first floor to receive all the printing requests. As a result, lines often form as students wait to print their materials. And for those on the upper levels, printing was an inconvenience. To help improve the quality of printing services in Paley Library an additional printer was added on the east side of the second floor. The printer is located near the existing photocopier and stand-up computers. Although the printer is on the second floor, any computer in Paley Library can print to any printer. So if a student finds a line for the printer on the first floor, he or she can go to the second floor to print their job. Every card swipe can release any job to a printer no matter what computer it originates from. The only exceptions are for the color printer and for those who need to pay for their printing. Color printing and paid printing may only be done on the first floor. We hope the addition of this printer will help to improve the ease of using Paley Library. If you have any concerns, complaints or suggestions about the printers please contact Steven Bell, Associate University Library for Research and Instructional Services.

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